In our clinic, pets are given hairdresser services. They can be shaved at the request of the animal owners in order to relieve your pets or to prevent excessive hair loss, especially during the hot summer months, particularly for about 6 months in the mediterranean region. While tranquil animals are easily shaved, hard-tempered animals are shaved under preanesthesia to prevent the stress they are experiencing.


He was born in Cologne, Germany in 1973; Veterinary Physician Ali Osman TAŞYARAN who has completed his education in Turkey and graduated from İstanbul University Veterinary Faculty. He started his professional clinic by opening his own clinic in the village of Tömük in the province of Mersin in 2002. In 2006, Kare Veterinary Services Ltd was founded and continues to work in the same company. In 2010 Erdemli opened Erdemli's first veterinary policlinic.

Contact Information

  • Merkez Mah. Türbe Cad. 19/B Erdemli / Mersin
  • Tel: 0324 515 60 01
  • Ali Osman Taşyaran : 0532 30 60 999
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