In our clinic, female and male, cats and dogs are sterilized. Animal owners may request the sterilization of their animals for the following reasons.
- To prevent malodorous marking behavior of adult male cats,
- Preventing the risk of pregnancy of female animals removed from the environment,
- For the purpose of eliminating some stubborn genital organ infections,
In tumors that occur in genital organs, sterilization can be done.
The sterilization process should be considered about this decision to end all reproductive processes. This is not possible if your pet is a rare racist and you want to take off pups later.
Note: Please consult your veterinarian for detailed information on sterilization procedures and post-treatment.


He was born in Cologne, Germany in 1973; Veterinary Physician Ali Osman TAŞYARAN who has completed his education in Turkey and graduated from İstanbul University Veterinary Faculty. He started his professional clinic by opening his own clinic in the village of Tömük in the province of Mersin in 2002. In 2006, Kare Veterinary Services Ltd was founded and continues to work in the same company. In 2010 Erdemli opened Erdemli's first veterinary policlinic.

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